The Council's objectives, which were carefully developed in 1972, remain unchanged -
  • To improve government through purposeful involvement
  • To establish a forum for the exchange of views and positions on issues affecting the construction industry
  • To encourage individuals and associations to actively participate in legislative activities
  • To monitor and report on legislation of concern to the construction industry
  • The Council carries out these objectives by taking an active part in the legislative process. Since its formation, it has succeeded in demonstrating influence concerning industry-related issues.



  • Conducts eight monthly business meetings (September - June) and provides luncheon speakers on pending legislation at the local, state and/or national level
  • Recognizes and supports candidates with construction industry interests
  • Circulates position statements and testimonies
  • Adopts resolutions and writes letters voicing the industry's support of issues
  • Maintains and develops legislative contacts
  • Conducts legislative surveys and questionnaires
  • Hosts an Annual Legislative Gathering, inviting local legislators as guests of the Council. This promotes a rapport between construction industry representatives and legislators
  • Serves as a legislative resource center for member organizations.